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Are You Ready For Financial Freedom?


“Twenty-five to Life” is the terminology used to refer to prison sentences for criminals. Many governments believe the worst sentence for a criminal is to spend the rest of his or her life behind bars.

However, many more people in the world are living out their own prison sentences, just not behind bars. They serve their sentences in cubicles, behind desks, and in the trenches of mediocrity, constantly grinding day in and day out, struggling to keep themselves afloat. These prisoners are not wearing black-and-white striped jumpsuits, but instead are adorned with suits, ties, smocks, and work uniforms. Ball and chains are replaced with mountains of debt we carry on our shoulders wherever we go, a heavy reminder of the reason we trade the best 40-plus years of our life: To make a living with the hopes of retiring and enjoying our “golden years.”

Today, at just 25 years old, I have created a new meaning for 25 to Life. Instead of a life sentence in the work force, I escaped. I challenged the system, the way things were “supposed to be,” and in a short four to five years broke out from my personal life sentence as an employee.

Now, 25 to Life is a life based on complete financial freedom at the age of 25, having my entire life ahead of me to live life to the fullest, while helping others escape their own life sentence. Believe me, if I can achieve this, you can as well. I encourage you to open your mind as you open this book. You just might open up a door to opportunity and change that will allow you to escape your 25 to Life.

“With My Book You Will Be Able To…”

Overcome Objections
This one tool will allow you to break through limiting beliefs and myths about our profession and edify what you building.
Build Belief
Belief does not come from success. Success comes from belief. This book will build belief in our business model and the ability to be successful at any age.
Leverage Success
Generic lessons of success featured in the book will allow you to leverage my success to build YOUR business.
Compound Your Reach
Professionals know that third party tools amplify our efforts and duplication. Empower your team by equipping them with this book.
Take The Pressure Off You
Allow me to edify the network marketing profession and your business through this book, making it easier than ever to build your business.
Connect With Millenials
Share this successful story with your members and prospects to help them see the bigger picture of success as a young adult.

What Are People Saying?

“Adam Green has figured out in his first 25 years what most people spend their entire life seeking and never find. He has discovered how to win at business and in life. This book will open your eyes on an alternate path to the life of
your dreams.”

– Dr. Dave Braun and Dr. Troy Amdahl Co-Authors, “Oola: Find Balance in an Unbalanced World”

“Adam Green is the real deal. Successful people in business are everywhere. But Adam is significant because he is creating successors, by helping others to achieve great heights in his footsteps. His heart and desire are enormous, and he is worth modelling.”

– Brian Carruthers Author, “Building an Empire” and “Making My First 10 Million”

“Adam Green is to Financial Freedom what Uber is to the taxi industry… Disruptive, Inventive, Courageous and Visionary. Most 25 year olds are still trying to figure out how to get a job while Adam is figuring out the ‘payoff’ on his home loan so he can stroke a check and be debt free. He has figured out the wealth building model of Network Marketing and in this book he shows you how you can do it too. Adam is the future of the network marketing profession. He will create hundreds of millionaires… if not thousands. Listen to him. Study him. Follow him. Duplicate him and the world will be your playground.”

– Richard Bliss Brooke (SuperMLMMan) Author, “The Four Year Career” and “Mach II: The Art of Vision and Self Motivation”

“Youth. It can work for you … or against you. Adam makes youth work for him. He sets the example that we don’t have to wait until we are old to figure out that having a job simply interferes with our week. Why not design the life you want earlier rather than later?”

– Tom “Big Al” Schreiter 43 Year Network Marketing Veteran, Author of 15 Books

“Adam Green is a servant leader. From the knowledge he shares with his team–to the resources and time he and his wife Vanessa share with those in need. He is living a life of significance, and achieving what most twice his age still dream of doing.”

– Sarah Robbins, Network Marketing Leader Author: “Rock Your Network Marketing Business”

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